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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan
Hun you replied to that comment too late, try reading the one above you.
1.I noticed you changed your first point of view about Lisa's Character,but i didn't,so i borrow your first point of view to my response to the episdoe.

Originally Posted by jmoniz
Personally, I'm glad there were plot twists and suspensful moments in QL. It kept me hooked on it. I enjoy when I can't predict how something's going to end. To me, it means the writers are doing their job and engaging me in the story that's unfolding.
2. I'm glad there were plot twists and suspensful moments in QL,too,but i also think,that there are "Good twists" and "bad twists" and during QL there were to many episodes with an unnecessery "Bad Twists" on them.
Here is list of a few episode with "bad Twists" in QL,in my opinion-
1. The twist with Lisa in This episode.
2. The twist with Butchie's mother in "Run Away".
3.The twist with corey's falling into the water in "Jimmy"(But i can understand why the writere did it in this episode.

And here is a list of "Good twists" in QL,in my opinion:
1. The twist with "Devil Al" in "the B**gieman".
2. The twists in "MIA",when we learn who Beth really is.
3.The twist in "The Leap Home: part 2 - Vietnam" with the photo of MIA Al.
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