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Thread Heading: Beast Within (big foot ep) Question
Date: 07/04/1999
From: GoblinGirl
Hi. I've been watching the eps for the first time on sci-fi, so sometimes I miss some stuff b/c of syndicuts. Does anyone know the answer to this question:
In The Beast Within, the episode about Vietnam War flashbacks and Bigfoot, Al was bundled up the entire time, like he was in the mountians with Sam. He had on gloves and a long overcoat. Why?

Reply 1: I believe...
Date: 07/05/1999
From: Mancha

I think this is the episode where Ziggy turns the Air conditioning on very high, freezing the project staff. I think in the un-slaughtered version (the orginal ) Sam asked Al about this and he gave some explantion. This was probably an excuse so poor Dean wouldnt freeze his a@# off as you can see their breath several times.

Any body know for sure?

Reply 2: LOL!-- Big foot
Date: 07/08/1999
From: GoblinGirl

LOL! Thanks for your reply regarding Ziggy turning up the AC and freezing the entire staff. I love Ziggy's antics, she makes me giggle. Do you know what pist her off and decided to freeze the staff?

And I agree, the real reason was that they shot the ep outside and itwas probably damn cold.

Reply 3: I am not sure but...
Date: 07/09/1999
From: Mancha

I am not sure why Ziggy got upset. I dont remember if it was a circuit or she got pissed. the syndicuts were listed on some web page but i cant find it now.
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