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Thread Heading: Leap Back question

Date: 01/04/2000
From: beckums

In the beginning of The Leap Back, Sam is in the hospital clothes he wore in Shock Theater and Al is in the army uniform. But, Tina tells Sam that he looks (or sounds) and hugs just like Al. So, if they switched places, shouldn't Sam have been wearing one of Al's wild outfits? It's no big deal, just wondering...

Reply 1: I wondered that too...

Date: 01/04/2000
From: Mancha

That was something I always wondered. Did Sam leap into Al?
Or did they both leap(Al into the new person, and Sam into himself) and their neurons and mesons get all "caca"?

Maybe the white outfit was the thing they have Sam's body wearing.

Also in regards to that eps, it is said that Sam doesnt even remember them leaping together, but in several of the later eps, it is Sam who mentions it and Al is clueless.

Reply 2: They both leaped

Date: 01/05/2000
From: Fitzy_QL

I think Al leaped into the army guy (Capt Tom Stratton or something) and Sam leaped into himself and he was in the same clothes from Shock Theather the clothes his body was in in the future were shiny and everything like what he wore at the end when he leaped into Al. As far as his memory It is so swiss cheese he can remember something sometimes and then forget other times. I don't think he ever mentioned Donna in any other episodes

Anyways that is just MHO

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