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Article 984:
On the episode Raped

Date: 01/16/2001
From: billcreeper

I would like some opinions on the episode called rape. The defendent got off mainly because of the influence of his father. Was Sam there to beat him up in order to wrong the right. I am asking that in case in the original there was more information concerning the outcome. Of course that was poetic justice for that guy to face the humiliation of being beat up by a girl!

Sam did a wonderful thing

Date: 01/16/2001
From: alongtimefan

Yes, Sam devined that he was there to beat the guy senseless. And, he did...Which was great. Kevin was a monster and needed to have someone set solid limits with him.

I think Sam's point was to make the guy realize that even though Kevin thought he had gotten away with it, that there could still be retribution. Kevin was just a sadistic little coward. So...Sam was warning Kevin not to dare try anything so vicious again, because there could still be unexpected retribution. What do you think?

Certainly after Kevin punched Sam (who Kevin thought was a defenseless woman) in the face...We were all very happy to see Sam pummel Kevin into a bloody pulp. And, told Kevin off while he was doing it.

Bill...I'm of the opinion Kevin might have been a considerably past humilation, after Sam kicked him in the crotch twice, hit very hard him in the face and solar plexus several times (Sam's a martial arts expert, after all), and threw him through a wooden gazebo. But, I may be wrong.

I probably misunderstood you on this...You aren't saying that Kevin will remember his humiliation at being beaten up by a woman more than he would the unexpected, horrendous beating?

Thank you along

Date: 01/17/2001
From: billcreeper

Thank you along for your reply and I agree with you completely and appreciate your insights.
I almost forgot to answer your question along. Certainly he would remember the unexpected beating but what I met was that after the wounds were healed he would be humiliated by the fact that he was beaten up by what he thought was a defensless helpless woman. Remember, this guy was a jerk and he thought that woman would be helpless and that he would be dominate over them but he was put in his place by Sam. I also have a feeling that when he came back to rape the girl again that some of the townspeople (in particular the jury members) would be shamed when he was arrested for attemped rape again. What do you think?


Date: 01/17/2001
From: alongtimefan

Yeh...Kevin was finished....He could also be brought up on new charges. Bet he was. Hope so anyway.
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