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Default Re: moments to live

Article 1354:
Moments to Live

Date: 02/21/2001
From: billcreeper

This should probably be a reply rather than a post and I agree with along that there were some far fetched things in the plot because I don't think no studio would let a rising star like Sam was as the leapee have dinner with someone alone plus as along has said there would be cameras and publicity. Anyway it was a good episode. Fans are great and that is who the stars work for but we must remember they need private moments for themselves at times and their privacy should be respected even though this is difficult. An example is Elvis Presley who loved his fans but could not even go out to get a hamburger without people hounding him for autographs and ruining his meal. His people had to rent theatres after hours so he could enjoy a movie by himself even though he was the type of person that would have loved to have blended in the crowd and enjoyed a movie with people (remember they didn't have videos then).
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