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Article 1734:
The Pig Episode is on Wednesday

Date: 04/03/2001
From: billcreeper

If you haven't seen the episode please come back to my comments later and read no further until you have seen it.

This is basically an excellent episode with a great kiss with history with Buddy Holly. But it is one I have only seen once and is probably the only one that I will never watch again except maybe the last two minutes with Buddy Holly because I was very disappointed with the ending because Tess chose the jerk instead of Doc (the Leapee). Even though Sam was Doc it just seemed like Doc was a very decent person and deserved a better ending than the episode provided. Of course Tess was a spoiled brat so maybe she and the jerk deserved each other but Doc deserved better. Thus the only Quantum Leap episode that really disappointed me. One out of 95 or 97 depending on your point of view isn't bad.

sure !

Date: 04/04/2001
From: Helene

After all Sam has been through for Tess, it's unfair ! The other guy only had to dance.
I agree, this episode was not very good.(except the smile of Al at the end...*sigh*... lol !)


Thank you Helene

Date: 04/04/2001
From: billcreeper

It wouldn't have been so bad if the other guy hadn't been a jerk and they could have written in a happier ending for Doc like they did for Sam when he was the hospitalized Vietnam Viet (my mind is blank on the name of the episode right now). Except for the very disappointing ending for Doc it was a good episode actually but they ruined it for us that time.


Date: 04/04/2001
From: CoolHandJean

What was Sam's mission? what wrong did he put right? Everything ended up the same. What did he do?
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