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Article 2024:

"The Leap Home" today

Date: 05/14/2001
From: Vanished88

Great show! There was some interesting tidbits to be gleaned from this ep, like:

Al tells Sam he can't change things just like Al couldn't change the situation with Beth. We hear about the results from another leap in this leap. That doesn't happen very often, if ever.
Also, Sam's quizzical expression when he says "Beth?" show he really doesn't remember what happened in MIA. Maybe that's why he feels he has to try. He has much to gain, three members of his family depend on it.
Then Sam decides he isn't going to do this anymore. What if he really could do that? Would he continue on as himself thus repeating his entire life? What would be the ramifications of such a decision?
It's heartbreaking to see Sam so emotional in this ep and Al as well during the song "Imagine" (one of my faves too). He does a great job with it.
At the end it appears he hasn't changed a thing for Tom until we see where he's leaped. Good thing for that, it gives us hope. I'll leave that discussion for tomorrow. As we know their will be a lot to say in that regard.

I've virtually defected to the Star Trek sites, so it's nice to have something interesting to post about. Let's hear from everybody on this one!

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