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Thread Heading: Post MI: Would they still meet?

Date: 07/08/1999
From: Mancha

Okay now that most people have seen MI.

I STILL think Sam and Al would still meet one way or another. Don't you think that when Al returned as a POW that Beth would ask him about the friend who told her he was alive? I also think Sam told Beth about QL "Only if you believe me" he tells her.
Then Al might remember a time when "Bingo" was in the future and saw his "uncle" who claimed to be a future Al. In comparing stories they might get to wonder. Then when they read about some Wizkid getting a noble prize...

Well what do you all think?

I know QL *could* go on with out AL, but it would be boring.

St. John had little personality.

Reply 1: oh, they'll meet
Date: 07/08/1999
From: GoblinGirl

Sam and Al will still meet, somehow. They're fated to. Anyway, if they don't meet, there would be no reason for Sam to leap back and save Al's marriage, so Sam would never have talked to Beth the second time, and things would just reset themselves!

You know the theory that every decision we make, an alternate universe is created in which we made the decision differently? So there's an infinate number of alternate universes? I have a feeling that the incident with the hammer and the vending machine, when Sam and Al first met, occurs in every universe where a Project Quantum Leap exists.

The real question is, why doesn't Al remember seeing another Sam suddenly leap into Beth's living room and start talking to her? I just watched MIA again, and there is almost one minute that should have overlappped when Sam leaps in the second time and Al "leaped out" (lost the image of Beth in the imaging chamber because Sam leaped out) in MIA. I know that because the part of Georgia (the bridge, which plays only once) that is playing when, in MIA, the show ends is same part in MI when Beth and Sam sit down.

Reply 2: Fascinating discussion, folks!
Date: 07/19/1999
From: Bingo

It is great that you are thinking so well through these anomalies! Just remember that Al was working on the Starbright Project with Donna Alessi before Quantum Leap. It was inevitable that Sam & Al would meet, but not necessarily at the Coke machine! If Al was married to Beth & had 4 daughters, he is less likely to beat the machine with the hammer - unless he & Beth were having marital problems - which was probably likely! Now, it is possible that Al would decline to work on PQL - in which case Roddy McDowell would be the hologram!...
Reply 4: Book
Date: 07/18/2002
From: MonicaBeckett

Theres a QL book about post-MI universe. I dont know what its called, but i just got it in the mail a few days ago. I didnt read it yet, but judging from the cover Sam and Al do meet and work together at PQL. Al also gets his memories slowly about his new life, and has trouble believing everything. Well, this is what the cover says. Ill tell you more once i read it. I know the books arent cannon, but sometimes they are true for QL universe.
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