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Thread Heading: they better....

Date: 07/08/1999
From: Johncool

Well...After seeing MI, they should make a QL movie! All the people needs to know what happens to Sam and Al after that episode, forget the statement at the end. Sam could return home! So, if anyone out there have read the QL book "Pultizer"? If did, please tell me what ya think about it. I just finished read it, and I don't think it was after MI. Please comment....

Reply 1: Not Post-MI
Date: 07/09/1999
From: biostud

Any professionally submitted novel can not take place after Mirror Image. Berkley's QL editor, Ginjer Buchanan, won't accept ideas that break this rule (among others).

Besides, MI leads us to believe that Sam is indeed has a lot more control than Pulitzer lends him.

Pulitzer will rank #3 on my novel rankings (coming out on the web in August). It's definitely a fan favorite.

So far (though I've not yet read "Song and Dance"), ranks go:
1. Angels Unaware (Storm)
2. Foreknowledge (DeFilippis)
3. Pulitzer (Storm)
4. Odyssey (Walton)
5. Knights of the Morningstar (Rawn)

These are the only books that I could actually deem to be "good" in my opinion. Full reviews will be out soon, but I will have to a lot of thinking before I rank the remaining twelve. I will go on record as saying that several were quite poor.
Reply 3: I think...
Date: 09/15/2000
From: SamBeckettLover

I think that they should just forget about the whole last episode, since they really didn't plan it to air anyways. The movie should start at a new beginning of the ending. That way they can plan it out since they didn't get to the first time and it was basically thrown together. Please reply if you agree or disagree, or if I confused you!
Reply 4: Book & Al
Date: 07/18/2002
From: MonicaBeckett

Actually, the book Mirror's Edge (Carol Davis) is a post-MI book. It rare to find, but luckily i got a copy.

Also, I think that the series should take place after MI, because i want to know what Al's new life is and finally get Sam home and stop leaping around in time.

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