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Thread Heading: Pondering Mirror Image

Date: 07/09/1999
From: biostud

Mirror Image was not meant to be analyzed, it was created merely to screw with our heads a little. The writers themselves yielded several instances of contradictory canon (see my post--Al's age) over the years, but the novels have dispelled much of it (different authors in different ways). Confusion is the goal. Let's take a brief look at several theories:

Al is God: Most people reject this notion because Al himself denied it.

Al is a Future Sam: I'll buy it with some thought, but a leading hypothesis is that the bar is where Sam hangs out between leaps before deciding what needs to be fixed next. The way timelines run on the show, Sam can't see future versions of himself, but the theory as to why is dense (read Foreknowledge). Beware of the clause brought about by "Timecop" (he he).

Al is a minion of GFT: This is the simplest explanation and common to people who don't try to analyze QL theory (which was clearly the intent of the producers). Problem is that the date is Sam-specific, and the names of the characters are specific to Sam's memory. If this bartender is controlling all of the "leapers" in the bar, then they shouldn't all have names out of Sam's brain; unless of course everybody has their own unique prospective of the bar.

Al is Sam's subconscious: This is the most popular theory for hard-core leapheads like myself. Here, Al and Gooshie aren't really looking for Sam--that part of the episode isn't really happening. This explains why Al states that he doesn't know what happens when Sam leaps; which clearly contradicts two other episodes (see an FAQ). The bar is where Sam goes between leaps, and the characters have names that correspond to Sam's memories. The bartender (which is part of Sam himself) confirms that Sam is indeed in control. This explains why he knows so much. This theory was developed a long time ago after the first run of MI (well before many users of this bb saw one episode of QL), and does have plenty of holes (i.e. where would the name Staupaw come from--Sam had never heard it before). In any case, the script of the ending that's floating (the ending that would have bridged into a 6th season) around on the web would clearly negate the theory.

Who knows what the real answer is? Nobody. Not even the writers. Like I said, it was made to play with our minds; nothing else. Even Bellasario refuses to answer the question.

Reply 1: What about Al is the future Al?
Date: 07/09/1999
From: Fish_Bone

The bartender is the future Al:
1. He called him self Al
2. He nick name every one in the bar after PQL.
3. Al told Sam, "I always wanted a bar"
4. Could be Al's Son?
5. Al said that frase that Al said in the pilot "A little ca ca"

Sam is Al:
1. same reason as to number 2. in Al is the bartender.
2. If Al is leaping Sam around, then you can really say Sam is leaping him self around.
3. He know's so much about Sam, stuff Al would not know.

I might be vary wrong, but it makes ya think.
Reply 2: reply to Fish_Bone
Date: 07/09/1999
From: Winja

I like those ideas, even though I don't agree with them. (Sorry!)

I just wanted to point out that it couldn't be Al's son, because he didn't have a son. That is another good idea, though, and it would be fun to think about.
Reply 3: Help
Date: 09/15/2000
From: SamBeckettLover

Dear Biostud,

I think i am missing something in your explanation. I probably know, but just can't think of it at the moment. What exactly is GFT? I feel stupid for not knowing but I would appreciate it if you replied with an answer! Thanks!
Reply 4: son
Date: 07/18/2002
From: MonicaBeckett

Maybe Al and Beth adopt a son after MI. They might be old, but their not ancient. So that would be 4 bio daughter, and one adopted son. Remember Al grew up in a ophranage, so adoption would be a stong opition to get a kid for him.
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