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Thread Heading: Missed MI. can i have detailed descrip.

Date: 07/09/1999
From: Vivitar

I missed the last episode... (boo hoo). I have never seen it before either and it looks like i'm gonna have to wait 95 episodes to see it. Could some one please give me, in detail, everything that happened this episode. From what I heard, Sam changes Al's history and Al is never involved with Quantum Leap. That's a sad ending. Please help me find out more.

Reply 1: Good news.
Date: 07/09/1999
From: Fish_Bone
Some one a long time ago made a good point. That Al would still be
drunk from Veitnam, and would still would have meet Sam. Now as for
Mirror Image, I don't feel like telling you every thing, maybe some
one eles will tell you but i think you need to see Mirror Image.
And you are in luck! I have it on tape! No need to pay me money!
Just get a blank tape, and send it to me. E-mail me if you want a
copy. Anything for a fellow Quantum Leap fan!
Reply 2: You heard wrong
Date: 07/10/1999
From: biostud

There is much dispute over the final episode. If I describe it to you, I'd wind up giving you MY version of the story which would be wrong.

Most people do agree, however, that Al was not removed from the history that generated project Quantum Leap.

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Thread Heading: From a QL newbie...

Date: 07/09/1999
From: buffyboy

Now lemme get this straight...Sam Beckett has this experimant that goes awry and he is sent back in time, only in someone else's body. He has to set things right. He does this for approx. 5 years. Finally he ends up in abar w/ God and then leaps into someone who is somehow in Al's wife's room and then a picture of Al leaps?
Could some one please clue me in?

Reply 1: picture of Al leaps
Date: 07/09/1999
From: Fish_Bone
The ending was not really how it should be. It was suppose to have
The picture of Al leaping into a picture of the old Al and his wife,
and kids. I have a video clip of that ending. If you want to see it,
E-mail me. I think this was a better ending.
Reply 2: Not entirely true
Date: 07/10/1999
From: biostud
Sam doesn't leap into bodies, his whole body actually leaps (as evidenced the most strongly in Trilogy II).

The bartender is probably not God because he denies it himself. Making him God is too easy of an answer. (Read previous posts.)

In order to understand the wife thing, you have to have seen M.I.A. That's about all I can say.

It appears that you've unfortunately seen the end before the beginning. I'd recommend reading the Quantum Leap book.
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