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Thread Heading: Music Video Finished

Date: 01/12/2000
From: Himeko

...or, part 1 atleast. =P Heh. It goes to a song called "Concertina" by Tori Amos. You can download it at the address below:

Comments and/or questions are appreciated. ^_^ And BTW, I'm working on Part 2, it should be up in a few weeks or so.

Reply 1: Can't wait

Date: 01/12/2000
From: Bugsy1

Can't wait to go over and take a look at it. Sounds interesting good to hear you finished it . Will let you know what I think after I see it.

Reply 2: wow!

Date: 01/13/2000
From: kelly714

that was incredible...the song fit perfectly. the video was quite touching. bravo.
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