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Article 914:
Quantum Leap Musical CD

Date: 01/06/2001
From: MTLeaper2

For those of you who are interested in buying the QL music CD (or cassette), it is available through GNP Crescendo Record Co. I believe their address is 8400 Sunset Blvd in Hollywood (zip-90069) and the toll-free phone number is 1-800-854-7029. It is a really good collection, with Scott's version of "Imagine" as well as "Somewhere in the Night", the song written by Ray Bunch & Scott Bakula (it was performed in the QL episode of "Piano Man"). The Quantum Leap fan song is on there, along with a medley form "Man of La Mancha" (from "Catch a Falling Star") and the Elvis songs Sam sang in the "Memphis Melody" episode ("Blue Moon of Kentucky" and "Let's Play House"). There is also an interview with Scott Bakula, and one Dean Stockwell song (Al's "Alphabet Rap" song from the "Shock Theater" episode).
It also includes Sam's rock song "Fate's Wide Wheel" from the "Glitter Rock" episode, which is very suggestive of Sam's life as a Leaper. The rest of the music is instru-mental recordings from some of the other episodes. It's a great traveling tape! My friend & I played it on the way from Wilmington, NC to Charleston, SC when we went down there to be extras in Scott's "Major League III (Back to the Minor's)" movie. It certainly psyched us up for our meeting with Scott!!!!!
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