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Definitely do not attack Don or try to purposefully upset him - that would not be a good thing for our cause at all.

I spoke to Deborah on the phone tonight and got a little more detail on what is happening. Don has the rights to remake a pilot episode of the series. A few years ago Deborah pitched the idea for her movie, but Don said he was going to try and relaunch the series. This is when we heard about Trey Callaway's script and the Sci-Fi channel planning on the new series. That fell through for one reason or another. So Deborah pitched the movie again - even asked Don to be involved, but Don didn't want to. Reasons unknown. But this is not a remake - it's a continuation. And it's not a tv series - it's a movie, so it is questionable on who has the rights to do what right now.

Deborah has a backer of up to 25 million to produce the movie and Universal was onboard. Don sent a letter by way of his lawyer to the financial backer telling them to stop (I think this is how she worded it).

So now Deborah has backed off the project until it all gets sorted out and is in the middle of development of the third Vision Quest novel (which is a great series!!). You can still write Don if you want at the address above, but another good place to write is the President of Universal Studios, Ron Meyer and the President of Production, Donna Langly.

Ron Meyer and Donna Langly
c/o Universal Studios, Inc.
100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91608-1002

Ron Meyer 818-777-1000
Donna Langly 818-777-1000

Get out the pens and paper, people and/or call! We can make this happen. Get the word out - tell them you want this movie! Don't sit there and say, "yeah I'll write tomorrow." Write today! Drop it in the mailbox now!

It CAN be saved. We the fans need to give it a push! We did it before when NBC moved us to Friday nights - let's do it again and get this movie made!

Brian Greene
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