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To bring up the discussion again...

I say instead of organising an event ourselves... why don't we pick an upcoming Con we all like and agree on, plan on that and attend that on
e? I know Cons are becoming all inclusive events which include Sci-Fi or whatever. I know DragonCon, GENCON, and others are really successful at including ALL elements of TV, film, and comics.

Shoot... I say we plan on invading Comic Con in San Diego. That event is FREAKING AWESOME I hear. Plus, LA isn't that far away and we could all hit California again!! I know a handful of groups that hook up and do their own things when they hit the Cons. I'd even be willing to bet that a Con like Comic Con or Dragon Con would love to have a Quantum Leap booth.

Just brainstorming!


PS: Comic Con in San Diego is getting bigger and bigger each year with a lot of celebrities in tow. The only downside is that it wouldn't have the intimacy I thought Leapback had.
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