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Originally Posted by JulieB View Post
These days you can't put on even a small con without some sort of committee or core group of people.

Even a small relaxacon with 50 attendees needs several people working together to pull off.

Legal issues these days mean you have to have some sort of umbrella organization to handle taxes and liability.

If you're interested in reading up on what goes into putting a convention together, there's a wiki called There's even an annual convention for people who put on SF conventions where people meet to share information about legal issues, negotiating with hotels, getting the most bang out of your limited budget, and so on. Take a look at that site and see all the departments listed. A QL con won't need some of those (child care, gaming) but there's a lot going on behind the scenes with a typical convention.

Wow that is really a great page, but gee indeed all them tax laws, maybe one should just hire a tax attorny or something instead and save themselves the headache

It would be nice though, on last con, and the clock is ticking when it comes to Dean. I so hoped he would have been there in March and was so dispointed he wasn't.

I wish I could have the option to even consider putting up a con, but alas, foreigner and all you know, I guess I would have to become a US citizen first .
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