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Thought folks might be interested in an update to this thread.

Using the footage Jessian provided, and about 2 weeks work learning Adobe After Effects, I've been able to produce a Quantum Leap effect. The sound is a bit loud so make sure to turn down your speakers. The change in quality is due to using two different video sources. Again this was mostly a demo of what could be done and, for Jessian, I believe it was an acting exercise.

Jessian has suggested asked me to post a tutorial on how I did it and will start working on that.

Everything was built in After Effects except the "filling in with white" and the "spiderweb effect". The spiderweb effect is off the end of Mirror Image. I captured it off the DVD and spent a couple of hours doing dust and scratch removal and color correction. The filling in with white is 32 frames of hand-painted animation in Photoshop. I tried many different ways to simulate this in After Effects and just didn't find a solution, so I went back to hand-painting.

I ended up not hand-drawing lightning. Instead I made a rather ingenious use (if I may say so) of particle effects, mesh warp effect, and masking to get the desired effect. I do still want to try to experiment with lightning effects, but none of the plugins I've seen really look the way I've wanted.

Actually what I'd *really* like to do is to create the next generation Quantum Leap effect. I know when I started doing Quantum Leap effects 15 years ago (has it been that long?) I did everything hand-painted in Photoshop. I did a hologram effect walking through a table. I did the imaging chamber door. And I did several leap effects. I wanted everything to look *exactly* like the show.

But here we are 15 years later. There's high definition. There are better special effects possible. I've thought of ideas of evolving the leap effect. A camera panning around and blending from motion, to time stopping (high speed camera, time remapping), to motion again as you actually witness the leapee being replaced by the leaper.

The original effect blowing out to white was a convenience that allowed them to butt any two leaps back-to-back. Creating a leap effect that works within a scene, instead of being a bookend type effect, could be very interesting.

I'm sure I will get swamped with leap requests. I don't know how many I will get to, but if you want to make a request, please reply to this thread with a large (720 x 480) photo/snapshot. I can't promise anything, but I'm really hoping to do more "full body" or "torso and up" shots. Just doing Jessian's face actually made it trickier to make it look right since the leap effect takes up so much of the screen.
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