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Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie View Post
Even though I agree that this episode is flawless in story and execution, there is one small mechanical flaw. Sam has been beaten to a pulp, and it has been established that it's Sam's body that is leaping, not his mind. It's also established (though in later episodes, like Revenge of the Evil Leaper) that any injuries sustained during a leap should carry through to the next leap and the leapee should return relatively unharmed. However, when Sam leaps out, when he "lands" he is fully healed...
These are the tricky issues that spark lively debates and separate fans into 'camps' - but let me suggest this...
When Sam leaps from Tom Stratton to Tim [blanking on the name] the baseball player in the pilot ep, it feels instant to Sam, but Al says they'd been popping champagne corks for a week at HQ. So the potential is for Sam to spend time 'in limbo' between leaps. If GFTW decides he needs to be fully healed to cope with the new leap - he's kept in limbo to heal. How about that for PCR?

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