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I'm just about finished with this one and I like, don't love it.

In general, she's a good writer, and the storyline is interesting but it doesn't work for QL in my opinion for several reasons:

The story is too focused on the people at the Project and not enough on Sam and what he is doing.

Sam didn't hang out in bars and he didn't jump into bed with women he had just met (that would have been more Al's style). Sam is a lot more negative here than he should have been too. He got frustrated sometimes but he always snapped out of it.

Al was out of character...He was rough around the edges and got frustrated sometimes but he didn't go totally crazy when he was dealing with people. And he didn't call Donna "honey" or "sweetie". Again, there's too much about the Project.

I'm not really clear about exactly what it is that Stephanie is supposed to want and/or what is motivating her, but then I haven't finished the book yet. Maybe it will be more clear closer to the end.

I like the background on Donna and how she was missing Sam, but again, that wasn't really what QL was about.

It's just my take and she is a good writer, but I probably won't be reading this one again. It can be pretty much a matter of personal preference.
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