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VERY dark episode. Just the way I like them. If I had to select 3 top Deborah Pratt episodes, this one would be number 2, while TCOT would be 1 and "So Help Me God" would be 3. That's hard because I also love "Dreams" and "Last Dance...", but anyway...

Very few moments of peace with this episode. It keeps you going and going and then everything keeps getting bigger and bigger until the final resolution. Outstanding how Deborah managed to not "sugar-coat" it, as somebody else put it up there. The ending, pretty sad and dark and, most important, very POETIC. This was not so usual in a QL episode.

Felt very bad when papa Dee died, he was one of my favorite characters from that episode. My favorite scene: After he dies and Sam tells his brother: "Papa Dee didn't want to go with you and Lonnie, he did because he believed in you and you were wrong... You were wrong and he's dead.", and then all hell breaks loose.

The line isz says wasn't necessary, I believe the exact opposite. I'm not from the USA, either, but I believe that what Lonie was implying there when he said that was that he finally came to the epiphany that all that violence wasn't necessary at all and now there was no way for him to stop it. Sam got through to him in the way that Lonnie understood that he was part of a problem that became out of his own control. He repented in the last second but he was exhausted, that's why he told them to get out of his face. But it was too late. Very intense stuff from DP.

My rating: Excellent. Yet another classic and emblematic episode for QL.
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