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Originally Posted by MO View Post
Tough episode to watch, with the way Lenore, Naomi, and Rusty behaved to Machiko. I loved Henry, though. He accepted her right off, and tried to get the others to do so, as well. I liked how Al was very active in this episode. You can really see his character start to come to life at this point in the series. Funny though how at the wedding, he had to count on his fingers how many times he had been married. I found it odd how quickly Lenore came around though, even wearing the kimono Machiko gave her. Maybe there was a good bit of time between the hospital scene and the wedding.

Well written, well acted. An Excellent episode.
I also thought a lot of time would have had to have passed after the hospital scene. I mean, Machiko was fully healed in the wedding, so it must have taken some time...
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