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Originally Posted by MO View Post
I found it odd how quickly Lenore came around though, even wearing the kimono Machiko gave her. Maybe there was a good bit of time between the hospital scene and the wedding.
This has come across to me as an oddity as well.
As far as I'm concerned, the connection between the hospital scene and her entrance to the wedding wasn't clear. What I mean is, what exactly clicked for her?

Good catch that a fair amount of time had to have passed between the hospital and the wedding since Machiko's injury was life-threatening and she's fully recovered at the wedding.
That, however, doesn't add up with the average time Sam spends in a leap which is about 2-3 days.
The longest amount of time he spent consecutively in one leap on screen is the two weeks in Temptation Eyes (LHO is arguable because that's a series of several leaps each of which was no longer than 24 hours) but as Ziggy would no doubt say, when dealing with quanta anything is possible.

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