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Originally Posted by QL Nut
Hmm... I've said that I'm not particularly a fan of Singer's "super-hero" films because I feel he misses the point. However, something like Quantum Leap might actually work well with his style. He seems to be a better director of characters, emotions and charm (which is the heart & soul of the show) than he is with action. And given that QL was not what I'd consider an "action-packed" show per sé (at least most of the episodes, anyway), something like that might be perfect for his style. Not a bad idea.
I like his work. But then again I enjoy that kind of film/show. I'm loving BG with all the drama and twists. I was afraid it was going to be one big frag fest with cylons.

I was pissed that he abandoned X-Men, but I can undstand the choice.

Singer on QL? One could always hope.
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