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Originally Posted by Kirok

LadyKayoss, I’m with you on the re-casting concept. It’ll be a difficult task, but I feel I have a fairly decent "lock" on what I am looking for Sam and Al… I have one strong candidate for ‘Sam’, but want to see what else is out there before I offer it to him. I might hit the talent pool in Chicago just as a preliminary inquiry… I’ve had lots of luck in Chicago in my past films.

Depending on how far you’re from Indianapolis LadyKayoss, you would be more than welcome to attend our auditions. Or anyone for that matter. Lord knows I could use another voice in the casting process. Just throwin’ it out there.

Thanks for all the interest everybody. You all are so nice. I LOVE it here!!

Having no experience with fan movies (or films of any kind) I doubt I could do more than just walk around in the background and pretend like I don't see the camera. But I'd love to participate in some way and, heck, I'm free slave labor. As for how far I am... well, it looks like I just managed to find the silver lining to being stuck in Michigan for another year.
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