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Originally Posted by SonOfSam View Post
Ended up making X-Men3 a rushed job sine they were dead set on May 06' for release and had problems with finding a director.
X-Men 3 had a director? It just seemed like a car wreck to me. Ok, it's daytime. Hmm, that's inconvenient. Through the magic of motion pictures, the characters freeze and now it's nighttime. Ok, for absolutely no reason, let's tear the San Francisco bridge up. Ok, let's kill 2 main characters for absolutely no reason with no emotional buildup.

I think Superman Returns was Bryan Singer's love letter to the original film(s) by Richard Donner and maybe too faithful without enough freshness to it. Using Lex Luthor was probably a mistake as he doesn't actually have any powers whatsoever. If Singer gets to do another Superman movie, hopefully Superman has a true rival. But I worry he will never get that chance. I think he would do it right.

Also I hate to feed into any rumor-mongering, but Dean ain't getting any younger. It's time to get something QL into production and film some linking scenes with Dean and Scott -- whether they're used or not.
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