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Default Quantum leap leap into clown shoes part 2

Al takes out the handlink from his inside jacket pocket. And the device starts flashing red, yellow and green all over the device.

"this is Great Sam you are a clown a travelling clown and your name is...."

Tapping into the handlink looking at it read out closey reading the data as it appears

"your name is Peter Davidson and you are know in the circus as Co Co the clown your stage name Co Co the clown age 32 it's the 27 July 1996 and you have been a professional clown now for nearly 5 years now...."

"Al am back in the circus"

"but it least you don't have to catch anyone this time"

"true and why am I here?"

Al starts to hit the handlink as it groans from his touch and continues to say

"ziggy says Sam...... Err well she doesn't know yet, We don't know yet but we are working on it we will know soon hopefully."

Al looking at the link in deep thought.

"but sam this is fantastic you are going to have so much fun this time Sam with this leap"

"as Co Co the clown?"

"definitely" Al smiling


"don't knock it Sam clowning around is very serious business and a very good profession. I knew a clown once and he would visit all of us in the home I grew up in it was great and fun and that's how I first got introduced to the circus."

"Al what haven't you done?"

Suddenly there was a knock on the caravan door and sam looking tried and fed up just opened the door and another clown was standing outside and said

"Peter we did well today"

The clown stepped inside into the caravan and Al tapping again says to sam

"this is your colleague in comedy John Greenwood" Sam nods listening to Al carefully.

"so Peter I was thinking we need to add something new to our act to make it more exciting for a modern day audience. We need to keep our act fresh and and up to date."

"OK what do you have in mind?" Sam replys

"well a few things but I think magic could work really, really well but don't worry I will discuss it with you tomorrow in more detail during rehearsals before our next proper show. But well done for today our takings for the whole performance was really, really good" John taps Sam on the shoulder

And Sam smiles and John leaves closing the door behind him.

Al with his hands in his pockets and smoking his ciger says to Sam taking the ciger out of his mouth

"ill go back and run some more data passed ziggy but in the meantime Co Co have fun" Al smiles

Al taps the handlink and the imaging chamber door opens he steps into the white and after some more taps Al was gone back into the future.

Sam says outloud "thanks Al"

Leaping around in time always seemed like a lottery for me you never know who I would leap into next and this time the lottery of time and space gave me a leap on the silly side and this time I was hoping this leap would be a fun leap but knowing me lt properly wasn't going to be fun at all.

Sam went to the bathroom opened the door and looked at himself in the mirror he smiled at himself in the mirror and a jolly clown with no wig was looking back at himself from the looking glass Sam used the face paint removal and started to wrap the face paint off from his face and said to himself as he removed the paint

"OK Co Co Its good to meet you and I hope I don't have to do much clowning around on this one"

He got changed and looking like a normal, nothing special guy Sam went to bed hoping the next morning would be a better day.

End of part 2
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