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Hey Derm, Hey Helen, Hey Mj, Hey Brian and hello Enterprise!!

Man, so much has happened... my son turned 21, my last lady went crazy and after five and 1/2 years that life was over (so I'll have to send you a new photo of me and my current beau, Brian! LOL!), left my job of over 10 1/2 years in Portland to be back near my dad in the Ozarks (which has been just FANTASTIC... he's really an inspiration to me! and I guess I am to him!)...

Still doing the karaoke thing, still writing occassionally (nothing published), I'm learning what life with Diabetes is like when you're "NOT" good to yourself (ugh), and had some pretty serious health issues these past couple years... been close enough to death and paralysis to come out with a different point of view... and above all, I learned to love again. That's the best part of it all.

Anyway, just wanted to say "hey!"... and I'm not goin' anywhere soon!

((looks around a bit scared! LOL!))
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