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Good dreams...

I haven't had a Quantum Leap dream for the past ten years or so. But I did have a funny Scott Bakula dream the other night....
For some reason, in the dream, I was discussing with him the relative merits of me moving to California, and which part of said state (not with him, just me moving).

So, fairly dull dream and I immediately forgot about it after waking up and thinking 'well, that was nice'.
Couple of days later I'm sitting at work trying to remember who I was talking with about moving to California (you know... when you can remember a conversation but can't remember who you were talking to) ... so I'm sitting there seriously trying to remember... thought process goes thusly:
"it was an American guy... so, who could that be? I haven't called any of my college buddies for ages... and it was definitely face to face so... oh, yes! I remember, it was Scott Ba.... oh, right, it was a dream."

I felt so dumb I laughed out loud. And now the people in my office think I'm nuts.
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