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Al'sChick....Holy crap! What a frightening dream!

I wish I had QL dreams. I don't think I've hit that stage in the fandom yet . You would think after all of my planning of a QL fanfic series, at least some part of my plan would come to life in my sleep, hehe.

I have, however, had a dream where I am in the same hotel as Ewan McGregor (whom I swoon over as well) and was in the room next door to him. For some reason, we started hanging out like we were both teenage friends, it was bizarre. He gave me an autograph and I woke up.

It's been mention before (on the DragonCon and the BLF threads) the new movie either never was happening in the first place or the idea for it has been scrapped and they're starting from square one. I like the whole Sammy Jo theory, but I have one that has Sammy Jo as the new "Gooshie" like person, Al being the Observer, and Sam's daughter from "The Leap Back" (that we're supposed to assume happened after Sam and Donna's nght together) being the new leaper.

But I digress...In conclusion, I want a QL dream! LOL

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