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Dear Sam;
Don't dismiss your dreams. They happen for a reason. You may not understand why, but they do mean something. Here's a good example, from April 1, 2004:
I had been in communication with some pretty high-up people at NASA since a missive I'd written on a space-related site caught the attention of now-former NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe. I dreamt that I and two work buddies were working on the outside of the International Space Station. One of my buddies and I were not wearing the proper EVA suits and gloves, and as I tried to reach for a hand hold my right glove separated from the sleeve joint, exposing about three inches of my wrist to space! The sunlit side instantly became unbearably hot, while the shadow side became incredibly cold and painful. I pulled up my sleeve and began rotating my wrist to even out the heat/cold. The same thing happened to my buddy with the same suit. We got back inside just fine. I expected to wake up laying on my arm, but I was lying on my back with my arm over my stomach. My hand was numb, and my arm was cold from my elbow to my wrist.
When I read that the ISS astronauts were going to perform an EVA with the wrong suits and gloves in the first weeks of June, a little bell went off, and I remembered this dream. I asked my contacts if this had ever been tested, and I was reassured that it couldn't happen.
Imagine how I felt when I read the paper the morning of the EVA and read that NASA had instituted additional safety procedures to verify the integrity of the glove/sleeve joint.
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