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Originally Posted by Samantha_Beckett
I yell "no! You can't do that! That's my father back there and you can't just leave him there! I've never had a chance to meet him!" and then a congressman looks at me and says "well, you haven't missed much then, have you?", and then they all leave.
Samantha Beckett
I like the humour there. As a person who likes humour, I like comedies in both movies and TV series, its great to have it in dreams. I can't tell you how often I have woken up and laughed at some of my dreams and I think in some ways they would only be funny to me because of how personal they are. Its a great way to stop nightmares if you become slightly lucid in one - you can make a nightmare turn into something funny by replacing the nasty elements with funny ones but it isn't always possible.
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