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Its very common for me to experience dreams about a new movie or a new season of a tv show some time before its aired. Even when I had many months between watching QL season 1 and getting season 2 on DVD I had many dreams about the series. Most of which I can't remember, if I kept a dream journal I would be able to though.

I think this thread has spawned a dream situation with us all as I also had a dream about "A bold leap forward" a few nights ago, it wasn't much but I got a look at the new handlink. It wasn't the first one I have had like this, but the new handlink was a more curved, metallic silver and sleaker look and retained some aspects of the gummi-bear link. I was going to draw it that morning to post on this message board but I got distracted and forgot all-about it.

The other dream involving the new hand-link earlier this year also showed me a more futuristic model that had the same transparent look of the season 1 link, but on yellow see-through plastic and a similar shape. It had a ring at the side to put your thumb through on holding so that you could hold it with a looser grip. Its like they were re-building a the new link from scratch again. I also remember meeting up with Al in a nearby village and he let me hold it (even though he's a hologram and I shouldn't be able to see him, let alone touch the device), although I had no idea how to use it. It was funny because Sam turned up a little bit later and we talked about how he was getting on with fixing history and joked about a few things. Like I said in an earlier post, when I meet actors or characters its like we get along like friends that already know each other well. I think my friendly side is always exposed in my dreams.

Side question:

Has anyone ever sung a song in a dream ?

I have many times and its a great experience that I can sing so well and with confidence in my dreams. In reality I can't even build up the courage to do the Karaoakie (sp ?). The strangest dream I have had regarding singing is when I was walking down the central reservation on a dual-carriageway in a city centre. It was weird really because all the cars were driving slowly beside me and towards me from the opposite direction as I was singing. I was aware that people in the cars where listening and I was making the song up as I was singing it. I wish I could recall the lyrics and the melody because I noted that it was such a beautiful song. Because of that dream I got a feeling of what its like to sing in-front of an audience and your heart is racing with excitement all the time. Waking from these are so painful though, especially when you realise you are the only one experiencing it. But I guess I'd hate to have an audience with some of the dreams I have regularly - they are just too personal. If they ever invent a dream-recorder though, I would be happy to pay a handsome sum to own one - you could put some clips of your favourites on the internet (maybe even charge for some of the more exiting ones !) and would make for some wonderful entertainment !
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