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Originally Posted by Bexter
Mr Q - my son (3) just came in while i was reading your thread and noticed your avatar, he got all excited and said "cool cool" It was very cute, he's has severe speech delays and some developmental delays so little things like that really excite me. OH SO CUTE NOW HE'S COPYING IT!!!!!

I think i would love a story where sam leaps into a family with an special needs child and is able to help in some way, or just help the family function better, probably a really boring plot for others, but I'd love it.
As you know my memory is terrible. However, so far as I recall there has been at least one story like this. Sam leaps into a child with autism, I think, who bangs his head a lot. All the Dad longs for is for his son to say "I love you". It is very moving.

Someone else here I'm sure will be able to fill in more details. I think it was a VS story, but I couldn't say which season, if indeed I am right on that.

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