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Hmmm, OK. As much as I liked this episode, I never really felt so engaged with the characters in this story. I don't doubt that people were almost this two-dimensional and shallow in the 60's, but... I didn't really like anyone. Not even Cheryl or the girl who had a crush on Cam, and Cameron's mom really annoyed me most of the time. The bad guy, don't remember his name right now, and his dad were somewhat cartoonish to me, except for the bad guy's mom. I actually liked her, but she was caught in the middle. The Michael Jackson kiss... well, meh.

Even with all that, it still has something that keeps it going and you actually never want to stop watching it. That's what I see that happened to Paul Brown with his stories most of the time. He definitely had the talent to create great setups, the ability to give you interesting story developments, but his characters were always a bit too self-centered, cliched, entitled, one-sided and high-toned. There's where he failed, in my opinion, and also at the fact to try to give the story a morality with almost always a one-sided POV. His episodes, not my cup of coffee, except maybe for one or two, though I admit they're very entertaining and sometimes, when he's up to it, quite suspenseful.

My rating: Average.
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