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OK, let's continue before this year ends, haha!

Very good episode by Paul Brown... Oh, except it was written by Tommy Thompson. You know, this guy had the talent to give us great episodes like "Future Boy", "Miss Deep South" or "Leaping in Without a Net", and little clunkers like this one or "Moments to Live" (I think I've mentioned his only 2 bad episodes, in my opinion). You'd think that with a writer of his caliber and with Chris Ruppenthal sitting in the director's chair this time, the result would be magnificent, but what they managed to get was only an average Paul Brown-esque attempt.

Two-dimensional characters at best, especially the aunt, the policeman and the bad guy. They all become funny after a little while, when they're not able to bring you the emotions they were originally intended to (but not quite funny, either).

Another thing I didn't like was that the ending was quite predictable, and the solution was just hmmm... too simple. You end up wondering why they took so long to figure it out that way. And then the little "let's-keep-it-light" follow up: "He ended up in the loony bin. Never bothered anyone." Said by Al after the little trick they pulled on the bad guy so he could leave the girl alone. That little resolution was like something written by a newbie or something; like for a fanfic, even , I don't know. Didn't care much for the girl, either. She just kept making bad mistakes and never took real responsability for any of them. I was supposed to feel bad for her and for the aunt, too, but they never accomplished more than an "oh yeah, well..." from me. The classic Paul Brown cliche, that everyone in the 60's, especially girls like those, were all dumb and defenseless. And this is exclusively the characters, because the actors were all very good at following the script by TT.

Things I liked: The settings were all outstanding, even the hotel and all the rooms, and the house was beautiful. Another thing: Even if it's not the greatest QL story, the direction by Chris is remarkable and classic in some way, and that's what makes the episode entertaining or even bearable. And the last one: The very end, when Paula (?) goes upstairs and Al wants to follow her and even "invites" Sam, trying to make fun, but Sam suddenly remembers that he has no more business there and he tells him "Not this time." and smiles. Priceless reaction from Al: "No, Sam, don't leap yet, no, noooo...", and Sam leaps out with a smile on his face. Love it.

Other than that, a bit of a forgetable installment. The worst script by Tommy, in my opinion, but not the worst QL episode ever, either.

My rating: Average.
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