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Another middle of the road episode, this one. Camikazi Kid is similar to The Right Hand of God in the way that I find it to be more forgettable than the other season 1 eps. This is the first time we get a glance at Sam's troubled history. Cheryl's upcoming, doomed marriage to the sleazy Bob brings up memories of Sam's sister Katie, who also married an abusive man.

The best parts of this episode are those that deal with Cheryl and Bob. I love how protective Sam is towards Cheryl, and the way he stands up to Bob. The car race at the end is also fun, as too is the little scene with a young Michael Jackson. Unfortunately, this episode is not without some annoying drawbacks. Most of the side characters come across as annoying, from Cam and Cheryl's parents to Bob's father (although he is kinda funny at times).

Finally, the ending of this episode with Sam and Al singing together, and then Sam giving Jill a small kiss is one of the sweetest moments in the series.

My rating. Average (my opinion having changed slightly since I rated this one as good 6 years ago). A pretty decent episode all in all.
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