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A decent, enjoyable episode this one. As a long time Frasier fan it is a tad hard to take Dan (Bulldog) Butler seriously here as the antagonist. He will forever be Bulldog to me. But to be fair, he does a good job. He puts a subdued, sadistic nature into Jake.

The story as a whole is also rather strong. It's funny to see, once again, the stark contrast between Sam and Al in a situation like this. The leap out at the end is one of my favourites.

Of course, being a tad more like Al than Sam, this episode is a visual treat for me. Haha. But I also liked that each of the girls was injected with their own uniqueness. Ironically (considering she had so much screen time), Gina was one of my least favourite characters in this episode. I think partly because her acting wasn't good enough at times. I really liked Marsha, though. She may have been older than the rest of the girls, but she still exuded pure sexiness mixed with inner strength. I actually felt very sorry for her towards the end, as we see just how much she cared for LaBonte.

Best scene? It has to be when Sam keeps making those guys in the fez hats keep singing. Really funny stuff.

My rating. Good. A solid episode.
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