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Default Quantum leap it's a wonderful leap again

Part 3

After the shopping mall closed for the night.

Sam was walking down the streets of Elk Ridge,*Indiana.

And it felt like he was given the best Christmas gift ever.

He kept saying to himself over and over again.

"am home, am home, am home"

Leaping around in time I have been a mum, the midnight marauder, and now Santa?

It felt like time, fate or God was finally giving me a gift I couldn't refuse. But the mystery still was hanging over me that I had to try and slove.

Was I really santa and who am I? And why am I here?

Sam saw Santas on all of the street corners trying to raise money for local good causes and they were ringing out their bells for all to see saying

"Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas!"

Sam checked his Santa coat and in the inside pocket he found a business card that read.

"Santa clause, North pole"

Sam said to himself

"this guy is really getting into the part of Santa"

Sam checked for any evidence he could find of where he was staying at the moment he found details of a local motel and went straight to the motel.

As Sam walked into the motel and passed the reception desk the hotel manager says

"hello Kris" and smiled

Sam said to himself

"oh boy" to himself and as he was trying to find his room.

A little boy with his dad runs up to Sam and pulls at his Santa coat and says


Sam looked at the boy and smiled and said

"what can I do for you?"

"Santa for Christmas all I want for Christmas is for my sister to get better"

Sam looked really concerned and said

"why wants wrong?"

"Santa my sister is close to death and all she wants is to see Santa clause one last time."

Suddenly Al appears behind the family and says

"Sam that's why you're here Ziggy says in the original history santa was held up at the shopping mall tomorrow night and didn't make it to the little girl in time before she passed away Ziggy says there is a 98.4 per cent change your here to visit this little girl and give her one last Christmas. "

End of part 3
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