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Hey Joy (was just thinking of you the other day when I was out at Dixon's Chili Parlor off 40Hwy and Blue Ridge Cutoff), hey Samantha, JENNIE! (Good ta see ya! Will have to catch up later... was in a debate the other day and I was telling them about your fanfic on Beth... I haven't caught up to it since like part 19 I think!), hiya Don, and howdy Helen (2?)!

KC is a wonderful place to live. I don't know if I mentioned it, but a long time ago I was really into the alternative fuels... well, a Dr Hydrogen (Dr. Roger E Billings) relocated to Independance, MO, due to some cave that naturally generates hydrogen (and they DON'T KNOW WHY!), so I was looking forward to meeting up with him after all these years. He's also a pioneer in the Gigabit telecom technology, and I was hoping to talk shop with him a bit on that.

The weather on the other hand... boy did I get used to Oregon! So temperate where I was living. Literally paradise! Never too cold or hot, or even when it DOES go in extremes, it's never for a long period of time. And I was utterly fascinated with the clear streams, rivers, lakes, and the coast...

Oh well, I moved back to be with my dad... didn't want him to live his last years alone!

Y'all take care!

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