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Default Re: Round Robin 2 : Part Seven

Apart from the overly pink glow, there was nothing healthy looking about him. Bobby flashed his teeth, trying to hide a very guilty expression. Then he realised what he was holding, and his fingers flummoxed clumsily with the bottle, nearly dropping it while he tried in vein to conceal it behind his back. Forgetting about the pills already in his hand, dropping them instead.

Sam kicked the bathroom door closed and glared at Bobby. "Gimme that Bobby." He took one step forward and made a grab for the bottle.

Bobby held the bottle high above what he thought was Connie?s head, but Sam reached it easily.

"What the?!" Bobby looked astounded. "How did you...?"

"Never mind..." Sam emptied the contents into the palm of his hand. "These aren?t diet pills." Sam spilled them onto the counter, he counted three different drugs; he held one up for a closer inspection. "This look like <!--EZCODE ITALIC START--> phenelzine<!--EZCODE ITALIC END-->, an anti depressant, and this..." he held up another, "this is <!--EZCODE ITALIC START--> methohexitone<!--EZCODE ITALIC END-->. What you doing? Are you taking these to make you sleep and these to wake you up?" Sam spoke angrily towards Bobby, thrusting a pill into his face; "this is a powerful narcotic Bobby, and both together they?re a dangerous combination.

"I-I didn?t know." Bobby backed off, his legs collapsing as they hit the toilet basin; he sat down with a thump.

Then Sam noticed the other pills, picked one up and studied it. He turned sharply to Bobby in alarm. "How many of these have you taken?"

Bobby sat open mouthed and silent, his eyes staring at a point on the floor.

"How many Bobby?" Sam's voice neared screaming point. "Damn it... Tell me how many?"

When Bobby didn?t answer, Sam closed in and jerked Bobby?s chin very roughly. Now they stared at each other, eye-to-eye.

"How long?" Sam repeated through clenched teeth, squeezing his fingers into Bobby?s cheeks.

"Only a couple of weeks." The youngster stammered.

"Even a week?s too long if you don?t need these." Sam opened his hand, revealing a small yellow tablet. "Do you know what they are?"

Bobby shook his head, fear tearing his eyes.

"<!--EZCODE ITALIC START--> Phenindione<!--EZCODE ITALIC END-->, they?re an anticoagulant. Do you <!--EZCODE BOLD START--> know<!--EZCODE BOLD END--> what anticoagulants do Bobby?"

Again Bobby shook his head, Sam's grip tightening around his jaw. "No." He said between pursed lips, trying to pull away from the painful grasp. "No idea."

"These..." Sam, the serious doctor in him said, as he maneuvered the tablet to his fingertips, "thin the blood, they?re used for people with thrombosis... and then only under very close supervision. Hemophiliacs have to suffer their illness, but by taking these you could be inflicting serious injuries on yourself." Sam squeezed harder for a second then pushed Bobby?s face away.

The youngster stayed turned from Sam, white marks pitted into the side of his face. Sam saw tears of pain in Bobby?s eyes and he suddenly felt sorry for the boy. He felt as if he?d been too harsh, that was until Bobby turned his face towards Sam.

A defiant look stung at Sam's very soul.

Bobby stood and pushed Sam off balance and scooped most of the pills from the counter and hastily opened the bathroom door and paused. "Heck Connie, I aint never seen you like this before. H-how do you know all of this stuff anyways? You?re makin? it all up, you?re nothin? but a lying b-i-t-c-h." A look of contempt smoldering in his eyes, he slammed the door closed behind him.

<!--EZCODE ITALIC START--> ?That?s a turn for the books, and I thought I was getting through to him.? <!--EZCODE ITALIC END--> Sam leaned on the washbasin, the pink duffel still dangling from his wrist. He pealed off the T-shirt and unwrapped the towel from around his waist, he noticed for the first time the skimpiness of the bikini he was wearing. Then, as he looked up, he saw the reflection. A buxom brunette lustered back at him. Her hair was a mess, but that was expected after being dragged from the depths of a lake. The beauty he was looking at made him gasp. Big rich brown eyes shone from the sculptured cheekbones, high but not too high, Sam noted. "Wow!" Sam voiced. The sensuous full, red lips pouting his own breathless movements.

Brent hollered from the room at the end of the hallway, but only a buffered voice mumbled through and into the bathroom. "You okay babe? You seem to be taking an awfully long time."

Sam reluctantly lowered his eyes at the recognition of the muffled tone. "Bobby was in here, I had to wait till he?d finished."

"Yeah, he just came through here and stomped off, seems he was in a hurry to get somewhere." Pots and pans rattling as he spoke. "Don?t be too long hun, I?ve got you a real nice surprise after dinner."

Sam cringed, not at the thought of dinner, it was the <!--EZCODE BOLD START--> desert<!--EZCODE BOLD END--> he was worried about.
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