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Thread Heading: I didn't understand MI

Date: 07/08/1999
From: dantessoul

I just saw MI and I was more than a lil confused at the end of it. Any one who understood this better maybe you can explain it to me, who was Al the bartender, and why did Al's uncle leap inn as someone who's been dead for 20years. If Sam could go back whenever he chose after he set things right with Al how come he never did?

Reply 1: Every one was confused when it aired....
Date: 07/08/1999
From: Fish_Bone

Thats why every one want's the show to continue.
Some think the bartender Al was Sam, some a future Al, and some God himself!

Reply 2: You're supposed to be confused
Date: 07/08/1999
From: GoblinGirl

I like how the writers wanted the viewers to think it over themselves and try to figure out what was going on. I don't really understand it either, but I think it has a lot to do with quantum physics theories and god/fate/time, and how they relate to each other. Read my post "virgin viewing of Mirror Image" and you'll see my opinions on most of what you asked about.

Fishbone said:
>>Some think the bartender Al was Sam, some a future Al, and some >>God himself!

Hey, I didn't think of that, that Al the Bartender was Sam. How very Michael Crichton's "Sphere." Cool idea . . . that Future-Sam somehow created a little pocket of existance for Past-Sam, in order to tell Past-Sam some stuff that Future-Sam wished he had known before the leaps had gotten really difficult. Interesting.


Reply 3: Sam or Al the bartender?
Date: 07/09/1999
From: Fish_Bone

Notice how Al the bartender gave a nick name to every one in the bar
after PQL. And If he was the one leaping Sam, then it's safe to say
Sam is leaping himself around.

Notice how Al said he always wanted a bar!

Reply 4: Al the bartender?
Date: 07/09/1999
From: Fish_Bone

Notice how Al said he always wanted a bar!
And the bartender called himself Al!

Reply 5: I hate to say it, but...
Date: 07/19/1999
From: Bingo are just plain wrong! Sam is not a "do-gooder" - he is the proverbial mad scientist whose experiment "went a little bit ca-ca"! Don't believe ME - Admiral Albert Calavicci is the one who said it in the first episode! Sam is trying to get home by changing history & then leaping, hoping that Ziggy can then "grab" him. Hardly the work of some benevolent hero - I just don't buy all this altruistic superhero stuff - I'm sorry! Also, I can't believe that Admiral Calavicci was a middle-aged bartender in 1953 Pennsylvania! Just remember this: "...Dr. Sam Beckett stepped into the Quantum Leap Accelerator and VANISHED..." He is gone & likely will not return - history & PQL are twisted beyond recognition & there are gaping holes in them both - like Swiss cheese! LOTHOS is the only hope! Ironic, huh?
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