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Article 24:
Thread heading: Straupoff is not an angel

Date: 07/10/1999
From: Quantumcool

If you remember, Sam couldn't remember the angel (even though he wasn't from that time). This time Sam did remember. I think that disproves the angel theory.

Reply 1:
I'm still buying the angel theory

Date: 07/10/1999
From: biostud

True, but "It's a Wonderful Leap" took place in an actual time and place (though fictionally speaking). If one is to believe that this is Sam's mind (at least it's full of people who bear the names of from his memories), then perhaps Sam is able to keep his memory of Straupaw. Al remembered Angelita, so it seems as though angels aren't erased from everybody's memory.

Reply 2:
He is an Angel

Date: 07/10/1999
From: Mancha

the more i think about it the more I think Stap. is and angel.
When Sam pulled his drivers license it says it expires in 1998. Proving he is not from that time unless the State of New Mexico
gives licenses for 45 years at a time. So since Sam shouldnt be there (time wise) and the Bartender is clearly not just a bartender that is why they remembered Stap.

And just another question, why cant an noble-prize winning quantuam physicist with 7 doctorates afford more than a vynal, velcro wallet?

Reply 3:
sam's wallet
Date: 07/11/1999
From: hmc71
He spent all his money on college?

Reply 4:
Date: 07/11/1999
From: Fish_Bone

A velcro wallet is all you need. I knew a person who had a lot of
money, and had a velcro wallet.
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