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Thread Heading: QL fanfic

Date: 07/12/1999
From: Mancha

I found a site with some really good QL fanfic and thought I would share it. One story is very good by Jeffery Dent "POW"
(no he is not a friend of mine just a good writer)

let me know what you all think.

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Date: 07/15/1999
From: GoblinGirl

The QL fanfic scene is great. There's almost no teeny boppers, not at all like X Files and STar Trek. When I dl a story, I don't even worry about it not being written well.

Anyway, that site you posted is good, but sometimes it loads slow. A great site that has everything and loads super fast is:

ftp \

The only thing is that it's just a list of file names. However, it has almost every QL story ever written, because most authors post on that newsgroup. Click on the file "story-guide" to get info on all the stories.

Other good sites: (small collection, but it's growing) (all Al/Beth, but good stories) lot of interesting stories of varrying schools of thought. Check out the Tina's Tale.)

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