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Originally Posted by Snish
And I love those scenes. To me they're the reason to watch the episode, which I don't find compelling otherwise. Although Scott's tush in that dress is... eye-catching.
I completely agree. I love Dr. Ruth Sam is adorable in the Dr. Ruth dress and how he was so embrassed to answer the questions when h first leaps in. I also particularly feel bad for him when he's closing off an episode:
"Next we'll be getting into common male sexual disfuntions like premature...premature...ah well we'll talk about a lot of stuff next time on Frank Talk About Sex"
Awww poor Sam. I just want to hug him.
I also loved the Al and Dr. Ruth conversations, the first time Kristen and I saw it we laughed so hard that we missed all of Al's funny words for breasts and had to rewind and try not to laugh again so we could hear. lol.
I also love the car hopping scene when Sam has to get to Annie quickly.

Originally Posted by leaper
is there any a particualr reason that you dont like that episode last dance before an execution??i mean for me its one of the best episodes in the show and i d never looked at it it as the one of the worsts.Its moving and tragic in the end as for the very first time sam DOEsNT SAVE the leapies life and also shows how cruel and unhuman is the death penalty.Regardless what you think about this kind of law
Basically because it's real sad and it's scary poor Sam.
it's a good episode as far as the story goes though.

Originally Posted by sambeckett94
I think season5 was the worst of the QL series.
agreed wholeheartedly. Season five was when the new NBC guy came in and all he cared about was the ratings and saving money so he threw in thr evil leapers and had to cut a lot of Al's appearences down to just producing the sound of teh imaging chamber off screen to keep to a budget. Plus he moved the show up in the time slot which put it in conflict with Full House then he turns around and throws the evil leapers in because he's afraid of losing ratings, yet he put them at that issue! sheesh. Even Don agrees that its a bad season if you read "Another Time, Another Place." Plus they go a little far with the celebrity leaps, like Elvis for example. Memphis Melody was a ball of fun and Scott does a mighty sexy Elvis impersonation, but for the particular thing he was there for, there was no necessity for him to leap into Elvis. They could have done that episode with a different host cuz having him be Elvis was a little cheesy even if he did do a sexy job of it. Plus there was the whole Marlyin Monroe leap. I never even got that leap, was he there to stop that con chick or what? I thought he was supposed to make sure that she could make her last movie but i could swear he mentioned that he saw the film which means she did it fine without him. But maybe I am wrong. That and I don't know, the whole thing where there was a scene that De Ja Voused One Strobe Over the Line (good episode) and that whole thing with the con chick, it just didn't appeal to me.

Now I will admit that there were great episodes in Season five that seemed to keep a lot of the QL goodness such as Nowhere to Run, Liberation and the Beast Within (except for the end, the end was really cheesy and very season five :P) and a few more but most of the episodes in season five just lost the QL goodness feeling that the rest of the seasons had. Even Debrah Pratt agreed along with her husband that it was bad. She even refused to write for it with the exception of the Trilogies but that was only because she wanted to write them anyway because she liked the idea of chucking Donna and giving him a relationship in a leap (Bleh, sorry Debrah no offense, its just the idea not you, its like Sam said in Liberation, Don't confuse people and Ideas).

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