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Originally Posted by Grimlock
Well, I wouldn't say that Stand Up has a dark thread in it, but it is far from a total comedy episode (an episode about comedy doesn't always mean that the comedy in it should be perceived as such).
It has cream pie throwing at the end. That's enough for me. But really, to me, it tries way too hard for funny, and misses by a country mile.

A Tale of Two Sweeties has a dark thread to it? What? The fact that he steals money from his kids? I would call that sad, but not dark.
I look at it from the perspective of these families are going to be torn apart no matter which one Sam chooses, and it's one of the few episodes where the Leapee is just not a good person.

I also dislike Temptation Eyes (which puts me in the minority here, I know, I'm horribly un-romantic) which is dark, but is just an excuse for Sam's two week sex vacation.
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