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Default A problems of Credibility...

Originally Posted by jmoniz
The fault also doesn't lie with Ziggy. Al never thought to check to see who the mother was, just assumed it was the wife Julie. There's an old adage with computers - garbage in, garbage out. The output is only going to be as good as the input. In this case, the input of who the mother is wasn't present so the output was lacking.
Well As i recall in "the Leap back" you could see,that Ziggy is always in the background of the Observer and always monitoring what is going in the imaging Chamber and give predictions in real time of what is about to excuse me if i'm not "buying" Al's very weak excuse,that He never thoughts of checking the mother name with Ziggy...
For some reason it's hard for me to believe,that when they discover about Ron's son Heroic act in the Golf war,they didn't run into Ron's wife name/the son's mother name...
You tell me- If you a had a simple computer and you would try and find information about a Guy like Ron,don't you think,that after you'll find this information about him, you won't run into his wife name,also...

Oh...And what are you saying about Ziggy and Al hard time to find out what happend to Kiki's brother?! Especially after you see in the end of the episode she got a letter saying her brother plain will Land in 18 hours.
Unless Sam,somehow,changed her brother fate too...

Originally Posted by jmoniz
The was the style for point in time the episode was set. Should they have used an 80's hairstyle? Yes, some of the fashion from th past (heck, even prestent fashion) is a little weird, strange or off-putting. That doesn't mean it's a detraction from the episode if it's portrayed correctly for the time.
Don't take it the wrong way,people but every time i mentioning hairstyling,outfits and so on during QL episodes There is someone,who's taking it too seriously...Come on- All i said she looked weird to me,i didn't say anything else. It was just a note,And i didn't expect anyone to take it too seriously,not mentioning analyzing it. Come on...

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