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Originally Posted by jmoniz
Not for nothing and I certainly mean no disrespect but it seems as if every episode you review you find something negative to point out. Now that's certainly your right but it does beg the question, if you see this many "defects" in the series, why do/did you watch and how do you like it? I'm not saying that in order to like something you never see something wrong with it - it's more the point that you so rarely point out something positive but state all your negatives that leaves me scratching my head and wondering.
I'll write you what i wrote to SBF when she wrote something like that,too - In any show,no matter how much you like it,You'll always find episodes that won't "impress" you or you might even find'em really bad. That doesn't says you're not a real fan of the show.

Now I'm a big fan of QL,But you'll never see/hear me saying the all show is a master piece. And i won't say it's the best show i've ever seen on TV,and i won't say it's my favourite TV series,ever - it's not. it's on the top 3 because it had it problems.A lot of problems,to be exact. And well,me,for example, I liked "The X files" better and The real master piece made for televison in my opinion was - "Six Feet Under".
Is it making me a lesser Fan(or not a fan at all) then the rest of you?!

And one more thing - Most of the time i brings up the negetives of the episode as a way to explain the reasons i voted -Good/Avreage/Fair/poor and not Excellent. For some reason i thought that what criticsm and reviews are all about...
I guess i was wrong.
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