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Hello guys, first post here. While I've been reading for a while, I finally decided to go ahead and make an account for this thread.

I was actually thinking about this the other day after watching (I think on Sci-Fi) A Leap Between the States and Mirror Image.
Many of the episodes really leave me feeling pretty good about things, but these two inparticular kinda get to me, and really for some of the same reasons.

The opening scene in Leap Between the States, Sam has leapt into the middle of the battle, and pretty much a living hell. Just something about the way he calls out to Al. I just always felt this wasn't just for a guide out of the line of fire, but looking for help from the friend who he counted most on.

In Mirror Image, where Sam is telling Al about all the things he had seen, and what he thought was happening, etc....The look on Al's face and his concern for Sam, who he thought was about to crack. And his promise to get Sam out of there, whatever it took. And finally the wrong Sam felt he had to put right.

I actually have a friend who I've known just about all my life. Growing up, he was always the women chaser, while I was the one giving the strange looks to him, wearing my heart on my sleeve, yet he was always my guide through tough times when I needed advice, or just a friend to listen. I guess the whole series has personal meaning to me largely for that reason.

While most of the episodes have some great moments that I really love and I think are heart felt, I guess those two episodes however, hold a few of the many great ones.

The Leap Home, where he says his goodbye to his dad before making the shot....priceless.


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