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The episode that makes me cry the most is "Mirror Image". It was bizarre and intriguing but the part that makes me cry the most is where it says at the very end that Sam never returned home! That was always unfair to me. Recently a friend of mine told me that he thought it was a beautiful ending because it was a profound conclusion- Sam was a true hero and suffered the tragedy of the hero by never returning home. I never paused to think of it that way but that's so screwed up. All I would ever wish for Sam would be to be reunited with his wife Donna, his brother Tom, and his dad!

The only other things in the universe which make me cry is the movie The Family Man where the character that Nicholas Cage plays falls in love with the wife he could've had in another life had he made a different decision and knows that when he wakes up life will be back to normal and he won't married to her anymore and he's trying desperately to fight off falling asleep. The only other thing is that makes me cry hard is the scene in Return of the Jedi where Darth Vader dies telling Luke Skywalker that Luke was right about him coming back to the light side of the force.

Why do the movies and shows we love so much have to have tragedy?

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