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Originally Posted by McDuck
The music they replaced Georgia with is just completely, totally, and 100% wrong. For one thing, the rhythm of Dean's speech seems off with the absence of Ray Charles singing--in that the pauses aren't as logical, if that makes sense. It more affects the entire ambience of the scene. Dean's performance is still a heartbreaking one, but the entire MOOD is totally spoiled. The muzack they picked is horrendous, far too upbeat and not at all mood or paced to Georgia at all.
Thanks for the info. I was toying with with cracking getting R1 set. Might go with R2 since I'm making a new PC to be a Hometheater.

I've been watching season 1 and the first episode when Sam calls his dad gave me a lump in my throat. Got me thinking about my father who passed a few years ago.
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